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Step-by-Step Installation Instructions for the 50mm Silicone Gasket

50mm Silicone Gasket for the Breville Cafe Roma

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  1. Turn on the machine and let it heat up for 15 minutes to soften the old seal.
  2. Turn the machine off and unplug it from the wall. 
  3. Using a 5/32" (4mm) Allen Key, unscrew (counter-clockwise if you look at the screw) the small screw which is holding the Shower Screen on the brew head assembly. Be careful not to force it as you may shear the screw off. 
  4. Use a thin flathead screwdriver or wooden chopstick to gently ease off the Shower Screen. 
  5. Remove the old Steam Ring out of the machine with the screwdriver and dispose. 
  6. Clean the Shower Screen thoroughly from any coffee oil and residue, and also clean out the cavity of the brew head of the machine using a paper towel soaked in hot water and rolled on the tip of the chopstick.
  7. Fit the new Steam Ring seal back into the machine, ridge side down (flat side up), then refit the Shower Screen onto the seal. 
  8. Re-secure with the screw (clockwise if you look at the screw) until the screw is flush with the shower screen; do not over-tighten.
  9. For optimal performance and durability, when placing your portafilter in the shower head during normal use, do not pass the 6 o-clock position (the tip of the handle should be facing you).
  10. For hygienic reasons and optimal taste, it is recommended to replace this gasket every 8-12 months depending on your espresso machine's daily usage.

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